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5 Storage Warning Signs Your IT Department Needs to Watch Out For

Posted by Connie Roberts on Apr 5, 2016 1:21:47 PM

storage-warning-signs.jpgAn inefficient storage environment can be the cause of many headaches, both inside and outside of IT departments. It disrupts the productivity of your entire company by slowing processing and data access.

It leads to lost or misplaced information, system interruptions and failures, expensive and unplanned hardware/software replacements, decreased functionality, and extremely high maintenance costs.

In a world where data insights and fast access to information determine a company’s ability to compete, companies must have the backing of an efficient, dependable storage environment. Having your IT department personnel take a reactive approach to storage alterations isn’t enough.

Keeping pace with improvements and innovations has become essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

Here are 5 storage warning signs that your IT department needs to be on the lookout for:

1. Performance Bottlenecks

Slow data access and movement can significantly stall the performance of a business at every level. Varied levels of protection and performance are needed as data moves through its lifecycle. Infrastructures that struggle with this prioritization and data tiering will continue to suffer from workload productivity issues.

2. Latency between Cloud Environments and On-premise Environments 

The cloud has transformed data availability, but moving data long distances and through complex network ports can lead to a number of latency and security issues. This is especially true if your data center doesn’t have the right partnerships and connections to regional resources.

3. Reliance on Spinning-disk Devices 

Legacy spinning disk drives may come with a much lower price tag compared to solid state drive (SSD) flash technology. However, limited performance has its costs, especially as the need for speed continues to increase. As flash prices continue to drop, companies must look at how to affordably implement SSDs and make gradual upgrades in networking and software to prepare for the eventual shift. After all, pairing flash with the top-performing levels of a storage tier can yield considerable results that will deliver ROI throughout an organization.

4. Inadequate Data Protection Policies

In a survey of 700 executives performed by Protiviti, it was found that over one third of companies lacked the necessary data protection policies to safeguard sensitive company data, customer information, and intellectual property. Security requirements are always changing, and companies require a storage protection strategy that keeps pace with these shifts while promoting greater isolation within IT environments. 

5. Lack of Visibility into the Whole Infrastructure 

Server virtualization was seen as the great savior for lowering IT infrastructure costs. However, this tech shift spawned a number of new complexities and storage siloes that many companies didn’t plan for. Organizations over-burdened with server sprawls and increasingly complex asset management jobs must look to new emerging technologies to better optimize and standardize their storage and infrastructure performance.

Knowing when to update certain elements of your storage environment can be beneficial when paired with a thought-out infrastructure strategy.

For tips on how to prevent storage mishaps or to learn the secrets behind improved storage performance, reach out to a CAS Severn expert today!

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